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    Working in Tobacco Company

    • Should I smoke to work with British American Tobacco?

      You certainly should not. Our staff reflects approximate proportion of overall smokers and non-smokers. In our Company offices we encourage positive and creative working environment and make every effort to take into account interests of both smoking and non-smoking employees, adapting respect among them when it comes to this question.

    • How does the pay and benefits system work in the company?

      Our pay and benefits system is aimed to attract and retain the best talents within the Company. To support the attractiveness of the salary and social package we regularly compare our system with a definite group of other companies which helps us determine our position in the labor market.

      Besides, we encourage outstanding individual and team work. We also want our employees feel to be rewarded for those challenging yet interesting tasks, they are dealing with in their daily work, and great career opportunities and friendly atmosphere existing in team.

    • What is your approach in providing equal opportunities?

      We are guided by principal to appoint the best candidate regardless of their race, skin color, religion, social and ethnic origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or age. We also prevent any discrimination towards to career development, remuneration, disciplinary and redundancy matters.

    • How will work in your company influence on my future career?

      We are one of the most successful companies in FMCG sector and we deserved high respect for the experience, skills and knowledge we develop in our employees. Our low turnover proves that people like working in our Company while those leaving us mostly go to work in the most successful companies in other industries.

    • How do you feel about working in a tobacco company?

      You can feel that employees of British American Tobacco proudly satisfy customer demand for the legal product and greatly enjoy their work. All over the world British American Tobacco provides its consumers with a rich choice of the high quality cigarettes tailored at different tastes and needs. We believe that the free choice is one of the fundamental human rights. Thus we support the right of adult smokers to purchase and consume high quality tobacco product.