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Social responsibility in tobacco production policy

British American Tobacco Uzbekistan (the “Company”) will be guided by this Policy on Social Responsibility in Tobacco Production (“SRTP”) and aims to apply the best local and international practices in Agronomy, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Standards across its Leaf Operations. This Policy shall also remain binding upon all the suppliers involved in Leaf Growing and Processing Operations.

 Recognising our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, Leaf Operations of the Company is committed to:

 Having due regard to the impacts of its Leaf Growing and Processing Operations for the physical and biological integrity of the environment.

  • Conducting its Leaf business in such a way that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations related to environment.
  • Promoting “Good Agricultural Practices” in the areas of soil conservation, protection of water resources, tobacco variety selection, afforestation, reduced reliance on pesticides and fertilisers and safe use of pesticides, in order to improve productivity in a sustainable manner and to conserve biodiversity.
  • Providing recommendations, guidelines, training and other resources to farmers, employees on safe environmental practices.
  • Taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the suppliers/vendors are informed of and comply with Company’s Environment, Health & Safety (“EH&S”) standards.
  • Encouraging farmers to adapt cost effective mechanisation, reducing the level of hard (manual) labour.
  • Supporting to improve the living standards of registered farmers by ensuring optimal margin from tobacco crop and encouraging farmers to adapt to a suitable cropping pattern while growing a portfolio of crop in order to optimize land utilisation and productivity.
  • Promoting continuous improvement in the areas of waste management and emission control.
  • Preventing the employment and use of child labour at any stage of the Leaf Growing and Processing Operations.
  • Regularly reviewing this Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and contemporary to the changing Environmental, Occupational, Health and Safety requirements.
  • Keeping Company employees and relevant stakeholders aware of the SRTP Policy for compliance.
  • Conducting self-assessment/audit by competent authority on regular basis.

 The Head of Leaf of the Company has overall responsibility for SRTP Management through the Agronomy Manager, and the EHS Manager. The relevant reference documents or operational manual(s) or guideline(s) should be retained in order to ensure the application of best local and international practices in Agronomy, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Standards across its Leaf Operations.


General Manager


Mark Filimontsev