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Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

Drinking water 26 artesian wells have been repaired . As a result, more than 52,000 people have benefit. Afforestation Each year more than 50 000 tree saplings are distributed to community in Samarkand

Drinking water in rural villages (renovation and repair of fresh water wells) - This project waslaunched in 2007 and so far nine wells have been repaired in the Urgut district. More than 11,500 people now have access to fresh water as a result of this project

Improved irrigation infrastructureUZBAT helps farmers to improve the irrigation of agricultural land by repairing and installing 20 water pumping stations. 1,700 hectares of land have been enhanced through this initiative.

Alternative energy solutions. UZBAT has installed solar technology which provides sustainable energy and hot water for two medical centres located in rural areas of the Samarkand region.