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Cultural projects

One of the key corporate principles of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.” in Uzbekistan is promoting economic and social development of the country, and also support of ecological projects, art and culture, promotion of historical heritage.


Temurid’s Museum is a new initiative to provide assistance in the production of replica historical artefacts.



Just under the given policy, management of the company made the unique present to Uzbekistan and ancient city, having bought out the manuscript of Al-Kharavi from the British Museum Library. Title page of the manuscript bears embossed with gold presentation inscription of former president of BAT Group Companies, Lord Cairns.

On October 18, 1997, when Samarkand for the first time celebrated City Day, the manuscript “wanderer”, changing hands, found its retreat. The Prime-minister of that period presented masterpiece of calligraphy to Khokim (Mayor) of Samarkand city, who emphasized in his speech, that “one of the main investors of Uzbekistan makes kind step.

   November 4, 1997, in solemn atmosphere, city administration handed over the creation to the State reserve museum, which had status of united museum. The most experienced expert of museum work Rakhim Kayumov after a lapse of seventeen years remembers very well that enthusiasm and inspiration in large collective, caused by exhibit, which enlarged the collection.

    On June 19, 2014 together with Rakhim Kayumovich, in the recent past Deputy Director of the reserve museum on scientific work, presently research officer of the museum-laboratory of SamarkandStateUniversity, we are going to the observatory area, to the Kuhhak hill. On the way, our companion is telling, that at first, hadith, rewritten by Kharavi, were exhibited in the museum in Registan, that time he managed museum of regional studies, but he knew from colleagues and saw not once, what interest of visitors, an ancient manuscript book arouse. To the point, in due time, literature historian, well-known in the republic, academician Batyr Valikhodjaev highly responded to the fact of return of the manuscript to Motherland, predicting that it would be the object of careful attention of scientific investigations. And in 2003 Registan ensemble had honor to represent the manuscript in Koran-hona, during exhibition “Masterpieces of Eastern Manuscripts”. And when renovated museum of Ulugbek has been opened, artifact took honorable place in local exposition, neighboring with creations of Ali Kushchi, works, globe, equiangulator and celestial maps of the great astronomer and scientist.