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Process and main principles of personnel selection

Principles of personnel selection

We think that it is possible to occupy leading position on the market, only if in the company work first class specialists, capable of working with a full efficiency and enthusiasm, for whom the job –a way for self realization. We aim to create the organization which would attract, develop and retain the best of the best.

The aim of our strategy in hiring new personnel is the attraction to our business the most talented and capable specialists. Our aim is to achieve the ratio when 80% of managerial vacancies will be occupied by the company employees internally, and 20% – due to the external recruitment. Such an approach guarantees combination of strong personnel, consisting of qualified company specialists, possessing profound knowledge in the field of British American Tobacco activities, with a continuous intake of fresh ideas, introduced by experienced managers from other companies.

Taking decision on hiring a new employee we aim to select the most talented candidates. We give preference to the specialists from the largest companies – manufacturers of the convenience goods (FMCG), and to those who not simply correspond to the requirements of position, but have evident potential of growth in British American Tobacco.

Hiring experienced managers is an important provision for our common success. Our aim is to attract talented managers with a wealth of experience in the sphere of business, possessing excellent technical skills as well as leadership qualities.

Other methods of additional personnel are hiring high potential graduates of higher educational institutions.

Hiring process of employees is based on universal system of potential candidate assessment, which is used by all the departments of our company. This system allows taking maximum objective decision and assessing managerial skills and personal qualities of a potential candidate of the company.

Personnel selection process

Candidates’ selection process for vacancies for BAT Uzbekistan includes the following stages *:

  • Thorough analyses of resume, which allows selecting those candidates who have more appropriate skills for this vacancy. We ask candidates to set the aims of their work in cover letter or in resume itself.

  • Testing**, assessment centers*** of a candidate managerial potential, imitation games and other well known technique, aimed at identifying technical knowledge and skills of a candidate, and his/her abilities to manage as well.

  • Structured interview with the representatives of HR. The purpose of the interview is assessment of professional and personal qualities of a candidate and also a brief story about company and answers to the candidate questions.

  • Interview with the department managers, which allows to define the capabilities of a candidate in a particular area of activities.

  • Positive solution is taken only in case of successful passing of all the stages of selection by the candidate.

* depending on the level of position the combination of different stages of selection varies.

** you can check yourself using test samples: Analysis of numerical informationAnalysis of verbal informationAnswers to the testsUseful information at this stage.

*** assessment is based on the performance of so called case study, which imitates everyday work in BAT Uzbekistan. Useful information at this stage.

In order to participate in a candidate selection for vacancy position in Tashkent Office, Samarkand cigarette factory and Urgut fermentation plant, apply to HR BAT Uzbekistan (see Our contacts or send your resume by e-mail to the address

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