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Selection process

To become our Program students or pass probation in our company, you need to complete application form, successfully pass testing and interview with HR specialists and department managers where you wish to have probation.

1. The first stage of submitting application form is its completion. Fill in the form in Russian, Uzbek or English and send it to one of our addresses or send it by e-mail to the following address The information we receive at this stage will give us opportunity to have idea about you, and also to understand how you can contribute in the development of our company.

Application is an important part of selection process. The suitable position may be absent at the moment. We will contact you when the position is open. In particular, selection on summer internship for students, named "Career start", starts in April.

2. Candidates whose applications will be selected in the course of competition will get invitation to have testing.In the course of testing the ability of a candidate to process numerical and verbal information will be analyzed. You can check yourself using test samples:


  1. Analysis of numerical information
  2. Analysis of verbal information
  3. Answers to the tests


Useful information at this stage.


3. Candidates who successfully passed tests are invited for interview with the managers of HR department and functional departments, which they choose for having probation. Questions during the interview are directed to reveal candidates knowledge and skills. Interview – a very good opportunity for the candidate to learn more about BAT Uzbekistan company.

You will be informed about the results by e-mail or by phone withtin 2 weeks.

You can ask clarifying questions calling our contact phones or applying us by e-mail: