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Probation in the Company

BAT Uzbekistan offers the students of the 3-4 courses of higher educational institutions to have probation (production practice) in the company. Probation Program takes place in 3 cities and towns of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Urgut.

The Company cares for the students to get to know about BAT Uzbekistan during their studies. Th Company offers the students of higher educational institutions, studying different specialties, opportunities to have probation in the company. And the students of technical and agricultural streamline are offered to take part in a unique program of training specialists in these lines – Program of students’ development in the sphere of production and tobacco growing.

Probation is planned for 2-4 months and it takes place every year. In the process of having probation you have opportunity:

  • to learn more about structural work in a big international company
  • to define what direction of activity you should select in future
  • to acquire professional skills, useful for further career development
  • to obtain work experience in multinational collective
  • to apply theoretical knowledge for solving definite tasks
  • to get from company managers objective evaluation of performance results.

Later on probationer can participate in the Global Graduate Programme and also in the competitions for vacancies available in BAT Uzbekistan.

To get more detailed information on the Company's departments follow the section "Our departments".

Learn detailed information about the process of Application Form for participating in the section «Selection process».