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    Our departments

    BAT Uzbekistan offers opportunities for career development at different Company departments. The Company encourages close collaboration among business units, work at project groups and personal development within functions.

    You can find the descriptions of BAT Uzbekistan company departments, where you have opportunity to work to your choice, below: Marketing, Production, Supply chain management, Leaf operations, Finance, Work with personnel, Legal department, Corporate relations.


    All the activities of British American Tobacco are customer oriented. In tobacco area much more skills are required to run marketing activity, than in other areas. Ability to use numerous approaches in realization of different projects in marketing area, create mutually beneficial and constructive cooperation with main customers, to use innovation approaches and with all this going on always approach to the realization of marketing activity with response — these are the main tasks in the marketing area.

    A number of interesting tasks expecting you – customer research, cooperation with the main customers, trade mark development job, implementation of new approaches and techniques. Everyday work of marketing employees includes the activity in several directions. We constantly learn and teach to use new technologies.

    Would you like to start (or continue) career in the Marketing department? Look in the section «Career», perhaps you are the right person for us?


    Most of cigarette brands, which BAT Uzbekistan delivers to the market of Uzbekistan, produced at Samarkand cigarette factory. These are such popular brands as Kent Nanotek, Kent HD, Kent Micro HD, Pall Mall King Size, Pall Mall Value Line, Pall Mall Super Slims, Pall Mall Nanokings, Viceroy, Karvon and Astra.

    Samarkand cigarette factory was constructed in 1997 by a unique project and is equipped with up-to-date machinery. Potential capacity of factory is 20billion cigarettes a year; its capacity allows satisfying local market in full and supply neighboring countries with product. Our product is exported to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. That is why it is not surprising that production department – the biggest by its staff in BAT Uzbekistan, setting the pace to the whole company.

    Highly qualified personnel, modern equipment and coordinated work – these are rectangular components of success production. Production department – heart of the company. The employees closely cooperate with other departments: planning and logistics, quality assurance department, engineering department.

    Would you like to be involved in interesting production processes and work with the newest equipment? Look in our section «Career», we have some offers for you.

    Supply chain management

    Production planning, raw purchase, distribution of finished goods (including import and export), logistics – these are key processes of BAT Uzbekistan business. Each of these trends provides production continuity and all business on the whole. In the basis of these processes lies constant aspiration to satisfy to the maximum the consumers’ demand, at the same time minimizing production costs and increasing performance efficiency.

    Business tasks occurring before the employees of planning and logistics department include search for persistent balance between requirements and resources, quality and volume, benefits and financial costs. The work in continuously changing environment demands immediate estimation of situation and take a fast decision, and constant tough schedules require maximum optimization of all the processes.

    Planning and logistics department – this is a link between production and marketing.

    Planning and logistics department work in the following trends:

    • planning and purchase of the main production materials
    • production planning and distribution of finished goods
    • logistics

    Supply planning and logistics department always need talented candidates. The details see in the section «Career».

    Leaf operations

    Apart from cigarettes production BAT Uzbekistan purchases tobacco – both for Samarkand cigarette factory and for export to other factories of the company, located all over the world.

    BAT Uzbekistan - the only company in Eastern European region of British American Tobacco Group, producing oriental types of tobacco, proudly offers its buyers such famous oriental tobaccos as Izmir, Basma and Dubek.

    Leaf operations department consists of the following:

    • Crop production and tobacco purchase
    • Production (manipulation and fermentation) of tobacco leaf
    • Tobacco leaf marketing, which includes quality control department
    • Agronomy

    We always need young specialists for whom the familiarization with our company starts with the page «Career».


    Company work includes taking such important decisions as evaluation and increasing profitability or investing in the development of trade marks. Finance department work is oriented in preparation of such decisions and provision of current activity as well.

    In BAT Uzbekistan financial work includes the following trends:

    • Support marketing and production departments, planning of effective resource distribution, development of control system.
    • Ensuring effective risks control, compliance to legislation norms of Republic of Uzbekistan, and internal company policies and procedures.
    • Ensuring tough control in the sphere of planning and management of taxes and money flows, with the purpose of increasing efficiency of using capital.
    • Preparation of established by law finance, tax and statistic reporting, and reporting in compliance of standards IFRS as well.
    • Finance modeling and forecast of finance company results and accounting on the basis of ACCA standards.
    • Evaluation of economic efficiency of the projects.
    • Development of talented, motivated professional finance managers, striving for self development and achievement of objectives.

    Our professional finance people must have high level of technical skills. They should be well oriented in market situation, and know global strategy of British American Tobacco and business methodology.

    If you wish to join our big team of professionals in the sphere of finance, look in the section «Career».

    Work with personnel

    The task of Personnel department work – to attract to work and develop talented employees. One of the main trends of the department work is participation in the development of corporate culture, based on the principles of openness, trust and attempt to success. Our task — providing all the opportunities to the employees for valuable, constructive and purposeful activity. We would like our specialists to have clear cut imagination about our business and support in the team the atmosphere enabling to achieve the highest results.

    We strive for the coincidence of company needs and personal aspirations of the employees, and support valuable personal development of our specialists. Thus the company success is considered in the light of employees interests.

    The work of BAT Uzbekistan personnel includes several areas.

    • Estimation and rewarding of the employees’ activity
    • Resources
    • Career management and development of employees
    • Labor relations management

    Do you like people? Our company – a huge group, a great many tasks and interesting work. We wait you in the section «Career».

    Legal department

    British American Tobacco, being a leading world player in contradictory industry, offer its legal experts practical unique tasks.

    Legal department of the company aims at becoming an integral part of business and significant business partner constantly searching for new ways in changeable business environment.

    We strive for the depth of covering a number of legal issues business faces almost in all the countries, where the presence of British American Tobacco.

    Legal department specialists of BAT Uzbekistan provides consulting on a wide specter of corporate issues, including corporate and marketing issues, protection of trade marks and brands, labor relations and other spheres of law and business.

    The main spheres of responsibilities of legal department of BAT Uzbekistan are:

    • Legal monitoring of company activities in cooperation with finance department. Finding causes of groundless expenses and control over the state of accounts receivable and accounts payable.
    • Checking compliance of official company documents to the legislation.
    • Participation in making and signing agreements with different enterprises, their fulfillment control.
    • Pretension-writ work. Representation of company interests in courts, arbitration and other state bodies.
    • Participation in making collective agreement. Assistance of law to the employees’ representation bodies in realizing their rights.
    • Increasing legal literacy of company employees.

    We expect from our employees responsible and professional advice, based on business interests, where it is required.

    Ambitious and talented legal experts start familiarization of our company with the section «Career».

    Corporate relations

    Nowadays when the society makes extremely high demand to international companies it is acknowledged, that the management of corporate reputation — strategic task of the company. In the company British American Tobacco corporate relations department creates image and reputation of a responsible company, working in the industry, relation to which is not ambiguous.

    Corporate relations department tasks include:

    • Control of illegal tobacco product turnover
    • Dialogue concerning tobacco product taxation
    • Corporate relationships with state bodies
    • Social investments
    • Responsible marketing
    • Prevention of underage smoking
    • Regulating tobacco products consuming in public places
    • Smoking and Health issues
    • Corporate communication and relations with mass media

    Our specialists must have an idea about the work of all functional departments of the company, are able to manage the projects and understand socio-economic and political situation in the country.

    In our employees we appreciate such qualities as ability to argument your position and convince the interlocutor, promote for taking balanced decision, considering the interests of parties and also skills of preparing analytical materials and suggestions on mastering and running business.

    Talented competitors are welcome in Corporate relations department, «Career» are for you.