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Structure and Management

Igor Kolesnykov - General Manager of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.” 

Alisher Bekkulbekov - Government Affairs Advisor to Genaral Manager of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”

Maxim Litvin - Head of Legal and External Affairs Department of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”

Roman Koznarsky - Head of Marketing Department of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”

Andrey Pushkarev - Head of Finance Department of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”

Komila Khasanova - Head of HR Department  of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”

Dmitry Osovik - Head of Operations of JSC JV “UZBAT A.O.”


Игорь Колесников

Igor Kolesnikov - General Director of JSC JV "UZBAT ".

"Dear friends and dear partners!

 My name is Igor Kolesnikov. I am the General Director of JSC JV "UZBAT A. O.»

On behalf of all friendly staff of our company I am sincerely glad to welcome You on our official website! Here You can find information about our organization: business strategy, facts of life, interesting projects, as well as news, articles, vacancies. Our company is always open for You: visit the site, call, write, ask! We will be happy to answer all your questions!

 Briefly about yourself and your mission in " BAT Uzbekistan»:

In 1999 I have graduated from Donetsk State University, Accounting and Finance Faculty, education – economist. From September 2003 to the present time I am a member of the Association of certified accountants.

In 2000-2004 I have worked in the international audit and consulting company “PricewaterhouseCoopers” as a senior auditor in Finance and investments. In 2005 I have joined British American Tobacco in Ukraine as a risk and control Manager. Later I have become a planning and reporting Manager in Ukraine, after which I’ve joined the Regional team of financiers of the Eastern Europe subregion, located in Moscow, as a Financial Marketing Manager.  Hereinafter, I’ve then appointed Financial Controller of the Subregion. In August 2011, I have been sent to the headquarters of British American tobacco in London as Head of corporate Finance in the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and two years later, in 2013, I have been appointed as CFO of British American tobacco Caucasus.

I have taken the appointment to Uzbekistan as a great credit of trust. JSC JV "UZBAT A.O." is a recognized market leader, one of the leading foreign direct investors and the largest British investor in the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The tobacco products manufactured by the company meet the most demanding taste of consumers and are in great demand. My key goal as CEO in Uzbekistan is to motivate people and lead the company to move to the next level.

Our company brings together experts of the highest class. The Uzbek TEAM is a fusion of many years of experience, great diligence, professionalism and desire to work in a team.

We strive to ensure that the working conditions in the company of UZBAT allow each employee to fully realize themselves and reveal their abilities. Actively developing, the company makes real prospects for professional growth and firmly believes that investment in personnel is the basis for long-term success of consumers, suppliers, shareholders, all business partners and everyone who has connected their lives with our company.

The success of our company have become possible due to the favorable investment climate created in the country, as well as the modern technological structure in the tobacco industry, formed by the company in cooperation with Uzbek farmers, Industrialists and entrepreneurs for 25 years of Joint Venture. In the new conditions of liberalization of economic life of the Republic, developing mutually beneficial cooperation with the Government, business partners and consumers, we will strive to achieve even better results in the interests of shareholders and in strengthening the economic independence of Uzbekistan.»

With respect, Igor Kolesnikov.