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    Smoking and health

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  • Is nicotine addictive?

    At present there is a common opinion that smoking evokes addiction. Undoubtedly, smoking gives satisfaction, and may be it is not easy to give up smoking for smokers, even if they are aware of the risk of serious diseases. In compliance with diagnostic methods used at present some smokers might be diagnosed as «smoking addiction». A man who is going to start smoking should understand that afterwards to refuse this habit would be difficult. However smoking does not deprive anyone will-power. We consider important the fact that smokers can give up smoking if they have such a wish and belief in their own power.

    Millions of smokers gave up smoking without interference of doctors. In some countries - for example, in Britain, - those who gave up smoking are almost the same number as smokers. Many of us know former smokers or they are smokers themselves.

    We consider that we should encourage and support all those wishing to give up smoking. Refusal of smoking is the best way to reduce risks.

  • How can British American Tobacco justify the fact that it sells product the consumption of which is risky for health?

    Cigarettes are legal product bringing satisfaction to billion adult smokers across the world. Our business is to deliver our consumers high quality cigarettes. We consider the right for freedom of choice is one of fundamental human rights, and henceforth we are going to support the right of informed adult people to make their own choice – to smoke or not. From our point of view the choice in favor of smoking done consciously and taking into account the risk worthy of not more criticism than any other vital choice made by us.

    We are aware of the concern given rise by our manufactured product, and do our best to run responsibly business in industry which is considered by many contradictory. We share the aspiration of medical community to reduce the impact of smoking to health and are ready to work in this way with all the interested parties.

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